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Success Stories

  • Rasheda Khanam

    I attended from 13th December 2014 three times a week and also practiced health eating and balanced diet, I lost 2 stone and 3 pounds! It also mentally and physically prepared me for my religious pilgrimage, Hajj, and I also continue to have better lifelong health and a balanced lifestyle. Rasheda Khanam Member since December… Read More

    Rasheda Khanam
  • Reagan Whitter

    I lost a stone within two months of joining! I suffer with Diabetes and Natalie taught me how to work out and gave me advice on how to change my diet to keep the weight off for good. It paid off as my insulin dosage has been lowered and my diagnosis might be lowered from type… Read More

    Reagan Whitter
  • Mary

    My Doctor said I needed to lose weight to change my high cholesterol and that really scared me. I joined LuvGym and followed the programme I was given, I couldn’t believe how quickly I lost pounds! I went from 10 stone 11 pounds to 8 stone 7 pounds but more importantly, I lowered my cholesterol!… Read More

  • Samantha Taylor

    I was struggling to lose the weight I gained after having my son, and really felt unhappy about the way I looked, especially my tummy. LuvGym helped me realise my eating habits were causing me a lot of my problems and gave me a diet plan that didn’t mean I had to miss my fave… Read More

    Samantha Taylor

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